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Keenan Farms In-Shell Pistachio, Naturally Tree Opened, Roasted with Sea Salt,  28-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)
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Keenan Farms In-Shell Pistachio, Naturally Tree Opened, Roasted with Sea Salt, 28-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)



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When pistachios fully mature on the tree the kernel inside the shell enlarges and pushes against the soft shell before shell hardening to split the shell open. This is the essence of a naturally opened pistachio – a fully ripened nut. Nature does all the work. Keenan Farms has always believed that a naturally tree-opened pistachio creates a satisfied and happy customer. That’s why Keenan Farms does not blend artificially or mechanically-opened pistachios with naturally tree-opened pistachios. Also, the term “Natural” refers to the shell being natural and not dyed or bleached. Keenan Farms never bleaches. Never. You have our promise because we are committed to producing simply the best pistachios in the world.


Natural and not dyed or bleached

Naturally tree-opened

Essence of a fully ripened fruit

Creates a satisfied and happy customer

Product Details:
Product Weight: 56.0 ounces
Package Length: 11.8 inches
Package Width: 7.6 inches
Package Height: 4.0 inches
Package Weight: 3.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 111 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 111 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

52 of 52 found the following review helpful:

5Best pistachios I ever had & most consistentMay 14, 2009
By airfirehorse
I buy pistachios a LOT. When I say a lot, I mean about once a month or so. And as far as I'm concerned Keenan is the best. I get very few "bad ones" in the entire container, whether it's this one or the plastic bags I also buy. The saltiness is perfect, the size is perfect, and Keenan really knows how to sell in bulk. I just don't bother looking at other brand names, though I am sure they are fine. But another thing to note is that Keenan's tend to be cheapest per pound. I did all the math for all the brands here on Amazon and I just get the most for my money with these or the large 32-ounce bags.

27 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5Great nuts, almost no dudsApr 05, 2010
By D. Johnson "Chi-Town Dale"
I love pistachio nuts. So I tried these since the price was good and I am always looking for good products at low prices.
I wasn't disappointed. Out of the two jars of nuts, there were less than 5 duds (dried out or bad tasting nuts.

There were less than 25 nuts that were not split open so no need for a nut cracker.

The rest were very good to excellent in taste, ease of opening shells and amount of salt on them.

The only problem was, I couldn't stop eating them so they only lasted less than a week. 3 1/2 pounds of pistachios in less than a week. I sure will be buying them again, but will wait a couple of months and eat pistachio ice cream in the meanwhile.

Jewel Foods now has their own pistachio ice cream that is better than Ben and Jerry's and only costs $2.99 a half gallon instead of $4.50 a pint for B&J's. Just as many WHOLE pistachios in the ice cream (unlike the ground up ones Hagen Das uses) and the ice cream itself is creamier and better tasting than B&J's.

12 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent QualityDec 23, 2010
By daylily
I bought these for my brother in another state and accidentally had them shipped to me. I am so glad that I did because then I had the opportunity to try them. By the time I reordered some for him, they were out of stock. They are in stock now, but will arrive after Christmas. Great taste, quality. I have not found one bad one yet!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5So Delicious, It's Hard to Keep Myself From Eating Them All At Once!Apr 03, 2011
By Amazon Customer
These pistachios are the real deal! They are large nuts, and almost 100% of them are wide open, which makes them very easy to shell. These nuts taste great and come in a sturdy plastic container with a screw-on top which will help keep them fresh during storage.

There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in these nuts and, as a big added bonus, they are grown and packaged in the USA. The ingredient list only has two ingredients: California pistachios (dry roasted) and sea salt. Doesn't get more natural than that, right?

They are so delicious that the biggest problem I have with them is keeping myself from eating a whole container of them in one sitting!

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5PistachioMar 21, 2010
By M. Jackson "None"
I heard the health benefits of eating pistachios so I purchased some from the local store. Because of the expense, I began to look online for a better price. I ran accross these and I must say they are great. The cost is low. The nuts are very lightly salted, fresh and approximately 98% are fully opened. I will purchase them again.

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