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Haribo Gummi Candy, Original Gold-Bears, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
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Haribo Gummi Candy, Original Gold-Bears, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

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Haribo Gummy Gold Bears Candy is soft, chewy and translucent. And they are bursting with beary yummy flavor. There is nothing quite as whimsically delicious as gummy bears, a candy popular the world over for its sprightly personality and fruity taste. Squeeze them, line them up and make them dance, or just plain eat them. Haribo Gold-Bears are a mixed delight of white/pineapple, green/strawberry, yellow/lemon, orange/orange, and red/raspberry gummy bears.


Pack of 12 5-ounce bags (total of 60 ounces)

Naturally flavored with balanced sweetness

Mouth watering candy and are fat-free

Flavors are pineapple (white), strawberry (green), lemon (yellow), orange (orange) and raspberry (red)

Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Product Details:
Product Weight: 3.75 pounds
Package Length: 10.1 inches
Package Width: 8.4 inches
Package Height: 4.2 inches
Package Weight: 4.32 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 139 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 139 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

34 of 37 found the following review helpful:

2HariboSep 08, 2010
By Corinna Kuligowski "pumpkin"
as a real german person ( and sorry for my englis, but i try my best ) i have to say these gummy bears taste not like the gummy bears back here in Germany. i come to the US twice a year and the one year i was a bit "homesick", so i bought a bag of my fave german gummy bears. what can i say, the taste was like the original but actually not, even the colors aren`t right. my american friend loves the gummy bears from Germany, so i carry every 6months 30bags into the US. if you love the american version, fine, but if you ever have the chance to get a bag from Germany, try the "original", much better.

33 of 36 found the following review helpful:

5Buy the 5# bagJul 24, 2006
By kappgunn "kappgunn"
This candy is AWESOME... read my review I posted on the 5LB bag page. And while you are at it... buy the 5# bag ... they are way cheaper. This 12 pack ends up being only 3.75 LBS and costs $12.50 and the 5LB bag is only $13.00 as of this review.

16 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5the most delicious gummy bearsJul 03, 2006
By belley "belley"
i enjoy my sweets, and the haribo gummi gold bears are no exception. while many gummy bears are much too sweet and taste incredibly artificial, haribo gummi gold bears are the perfect little dessert or snack at any point during the day, as they are light, and they taste more natural than other gummy bears.

15 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5Haribo Gummi Bears BURSTING with FLAVOR!Feb 27, 2008
By Park-Avenue Princess "Princess"
First of all I would like to say that HANDS DOWN, Haribo makes the best Gummi Candies. It's true. If you've ever tried another brand, you'd know and once you try Haribo, you'd never go back!

These Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears are just Bursting with Flavor! They are soft and chewy. (But not so soft that they are sticky and stick to your teeth)! I've loved these since I was young and now my son loves them too. They come in about six different flavors and each one is yummy! You also get a good mix of colors and flavors. They're a great snack and most people can eat them because they're not a "chocolate-type candy" where you'd have to worry about allergies.

They arrived at my home fresh and delicious. Everyone that's stopped by has had the temptation to eat some. But, I do recommend the five pound bag over the pack of twelve. You get approximately a pound and a half more in the five pound bag for about .50 more!

Speaking of the Five Pound Bag, the price is a true VALUE! These cost so much at the market or candy store at the mall per pound! And these are the same exact bears, but you don't have to worry if everyone has touched them or how long they've been out in the open before you came along to scoop them up in your bag! That's a big plus for me!

I definitely recommend these gummi bears, they are a sweet and delicious treat and the VALUE is phenomenal! I will definitely be ordering more and different kinds. We all have our favorites!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Best Gummi Bears everJul 12, 2008
By M. Sharp
I am somewhat of a gummi connoisseur of the gummi candy. I consider the gummi it's own food group. (If not, what group does it belong in?) Anyway, after searching and sampling bear after bear across the globe, the Haribo are the best ever. The flavor and more importantly the consistency of the gummi is perfect. They are not too soft, so some of the cheap store brands and they are not too hard or solid to where you can't chew them easily. I ate these overseas years ago and every time I traveled to Europe, I would bring home a stash. I found that Amazon now carries them, so I am in heaven. When I bring bags to work to share, they disappear faster than any other candy. Really a treat. People laugh when I tell them Haribo is the best gummi bear ever, but once they try them, they all agree with me.

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