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Bob's Red Mill Organic Raw Whole Golden Flaxseeds, 24-ounce (Pack of 4)
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Bob's Red Mill Organic Raw Whole Golden Flaxseeds, 24-ounce (Pack of 4)

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Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Flaxseeds offer a wonderful nutritional boost to almost any recipe. One serving contains 1800mg omega-3 fatty acids, 4g of fiber, 3g of protein, and lignans for a heart-healthy nutritional combination. Mild in flavor, Organic Brown Flaxseeds can be inconspicuously added to almost any recipe - smoothies, shakes, breads, cookies, pancakes, waffles, and more. Sprinkle on eggs, oatmeal or salad greens, or toss with grains and veggies in a pilaf -the possibilities are truly endless. Like all of our gluten free-labeled products, this product is processed in a dedicated gluten free facility and R5-ELISA tested to confirm its gluten free status. Certified Organic by QAI.


Case of Four, 24 oz. bags (6 lbs. total)

USDA Certified Organic; Gluten Free; Vegan/Vegetarian; Kosher Pareve

Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility; R5-ELISA tested gluten free

1800mg Omega-3 fatty acids; Good source of fiber; Contains lignans

Great for sprouting, grinding, or eating whole

Product Details:
Product Length: 9.5 inches
Product Width: 4.0 inches
Product Height: 8.0 inches
Product Weight: 96.0 ounces
Package Length: 9.6 inches
Package Width: 8.4 inches
Package Height: 3.9 inches
Package Weight: 6.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 101 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 101 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

24 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5Lovely seeds for your cereal, baking or yogurtNov 16, 2006
By Joanna D.
In Europe, you find a bowl of dark flaxseeds to the side of the muesli set out on a breakfast buffet. A great source of Omega-3 oil, you can improve your health by eating these tasty, nutty seeds. They are good for the gut and good for the heart.

The golden seeds are an attractive alternative to the nut-brown seeds. They look nice in baked goods like lighter breads. They taste the same as the dark seeds. Ground, they don't show up in white bread, so you can bust some up in the blender and throw then into your standard bread recipe and add needed nutrients and fiber.

We like them sprinkled on oatmeal, muesli or yogurt.

15 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5Fiber packed and nutrient richMay 30, 2007
By D. Johnson "Carpe Diem!"
Flaxseed is a great way to get fiber in your diet and this brand delivers. It has a mild taste (I put 3 tablespoons in my morning smoothie) and gives you 36% of your daily fiber required intake. Flaxseed also contain Omega 3 so you also place a powerhouse of nutrients in your diet with this little seed.

An excellent source of protein, fiber, and minerals such as magnesium and copper- how can you go wrong?

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

5Great source for omega3's!Mar 29, 2008
By Trusted Reviewer
It's best to buy flaxseeds as opposed to flaxseed oil or meal because you get more omega3. Since you are grinding the seeds yourself, the released omega 3 oils are at their freshest.

I recommend storing these flaxseeds in the freezer. You can keep them there after you open them as well. I grind 2 tablespoons in a coffee grinder and then add it to yogurt or a protein shake. Good stuff!

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Organic Golden iSep 17, 2009
By Michael Leeson "-'s son"
Bob's Red Mill Organic Golden Flaxseeds are an excellent way to ingest some Omega 3. 96 ounces are delivered in 4 packs, and if you don't use it all immediately I suggest storing the seeds in the freezer to keep them fresh. Grind them right before you use them, and they have a mild taste -- milder than brown flaxseed. I've ordered this product several times, and the quality has been consistently high.

7 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Highest ALA...Oct 25, 2013

OMEGA 3: You will never see ALA on any fish you purchase. Infact you will never see ALA on any fish oil supplement either, you will only see EPA and DHA. ALA is not the same as EPA or DHA and it is the same for any brand of flax seed regardless if such flax seed oil is in solid oil form in a bottle or a capsule form. Greens, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables do not offer any omega-3 since omega-3 EPA/DHA is an animal source. Flaxseeds offer more ALA than chia for $1.99 a pound not $15 a pound, 22.8gr vs. 17.8gr. There are two major types of omega-3 fatty acids in our diets: One type is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is found in plants the other type, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is found in fatty fish. The body partially converts ALA to EPA and DHA. There is no proof what percent of ALA gets converted by human body to EPA or DHA. You can consume all ALAs that you want and depending to your genes it may never turn any into omega-3. Blood test is the only way to see the affects. I get omega 3 from sardines although flaxseeds are important part of my diet since flax offers so many different nutrients.

OILS: Many reviews are misleading as well. They advise you to purchase other brands when infact rancid is a process of mother nature and has nothing to do with organic, conventional, GMO or the type of seed since rancid has to do with the oil. Advising you to purchase another brand is a marketing tool as well. It is not important even if the oil or the tablet is even frozen at the time of production till you consume since any seed, and I mean any type of seed regardless of the brand will go rancid once ground and cracked open since the shell, the protection is removed and air will get to the oil of the seed much quicker than when the seed is in a complete un-hulled form. The best example of rancidity is brown rice. Place some in freezer and you will notice in few months it will not even cook since the oils have gone rancid even if you keep the rice in a sealed container in a freezer regardless. Chia is the only seed that does not need to be ground in order for human body to get the nutrients and can be stored for much longer time than any other seed without going rancid. Sesame seed, flax seed, etc. are absolutely worthless unless in ground form since human body can not digest in its natural form. You need to ask yourself, if it is better to go through the process of ground the flax seed yourself to get all the benefits of flax or 1)consume the oil or the tablet form which goes rancid quickly 2)with no EPA or DHA but only ALA which needs to be converted to EPA and DHA. After many years I chose ground flax vs. any other type of flax and I am very happy with the results.

FIBER: Fiber is essential for body since fiber absorbs the unwanted liquid in the gut and body has to defecate that blown up fiber which in return lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. and brings comfort and efficiency to human body unlike fat which stays in human body unless needed for energy. Flax is high in fiber.

MINERALS: Flax is the king of nutrients when it comes to minerals so important to me as a whole delicious seed; highest ALA, highest magnesium, highest potassium, calcium with the healthiest fat.

Accordingly for 100gr servings size of;

47__109__151__8__11__4 __41__49__13

FRESHNESS: Fresh means nutritious and delicious. I consume lots of seeds, beans, grains, vegetables, etc. and freshness is a priority regardless of the brand so I always purchase my food ingredients in small quantities from reputable sellers with high turnover. When fresh, food is nutritious and that goes for any food in any form, from frozen to canned. Fresh food is nutritious as well as delicious since nutrients give food its delicious taste. When old or rancid, nutrients are gone and any food item becomes an empty calories with no taste and absolutely worthless regardless of the brand or price, organic or conventional. For few years I consumed seeds in oil form since physicians advised me to do so not knowing that majority are not aware that seeds hardly offer any nutrients unless; seeds are fresh, not old which means rancid, not in oil form, not in supplement form, not hulled, ground and consumed within few days, kept in dark cold temperatures, away from light-sun-moisture since the oil in seeds and nuts go rancid regardless. That is why brown rice which has its nutrients will go rancid even if kept in freezer while white rice will last for years at room temperature since it hardly has any nutrients or oil. I ground in my coffee grinder sesame, flax, chia, amaranth, hemp then add cocoa, isolate protein, soy milk and consume it before my workouts on daily basis for its vitamins, minerals, protein and many nutrients, without much spike in my glucose. Un-hulled seeds are full of nutrients. I never consume hulled seeds which are empty calories, absolutely worthless since the nutrients have been removed.

FAT: The most important hormone, and the one that's crucial for weight loss, is insulin. Insulin is the hormone that controls fat storage. A high-carb diet increases the amount of glucose in the bloodstream, which in turn means you produce more insulin. The more insulin the body produces, the more fat gets stored. A low-carb diet means less insulin, making it easier to lose weight because less fat is then stored. For intake of a massive 5,000 calories every day for three weeks with calories from a low-fat, high-carb diet; and for another three weeks with calories from more fat no carbs with exactly the same amount of calories, with moderate exercise regimen each time; low-fat diet stacked on 16 lb with 3.7" (9.5 cm) around the middle where the high fat diet offered a loss of 2.5 lb and loss of 1"(2.5 cm) from waistline. If calorie is calorie, then in my case and my experience shows that I would prefer to get my calories from a healthy fat from sesame seed and almond than the calories from the carbs in chia. Almonds have the highest fat calories from all the seeds and nuts and that is a priority to me in type of calories since I am kind of vegan who consumes fish but hardly any meat or chicken.

Accordingly for 28gr/1oz servings size of;

28.6__33.6__ 150__166__161__137__160__162__155__156

For almost the same total calories sesame offers half of chia's "CARB CALORIES" gain but 50% more "FAT CALORIES" with high amount of nutrients for weight loss. Sesame is my superfood but almonds are the superfood when it comes to fat calories and vitamin E. Americans consume enough peanut butter each year to coat the floor of the Grand Canyon, priced for 1/3 but hardly with any nutrients vs. sesame. No wonder Burma is the highest producer of sesame in the world. But none of those kings offer ALA and not only flax's high ALA is needed but it balances the omega-6 which is so abandoned in all foods that not healthy at all.

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